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SEVEN comes out in May 2014!  It's a concept album based on the seven deadly sins that infuses a long love for rock, blues, pop, and R&B.  The album tells a story about the phases of longing for love, infatuation, and finally all of the negative emotions experienced when that love goes sour: sorrow, blame, anger, solitude.  We're also in the early phases of producing a movie to go along with this album.  It's going to be a rock opera telling the tale of a young showgirl named Tira.  She falls in love with a rodeo cowboy who does her wrong.  Artistic lighting design, vibrant costumes, and a soulful record, along with the amazing team of people we have involved will make this a very vibey film indeed.

Here are some pics from the studio!  We have a "behind the scenes" video coming soon!

And I just want to thank everybody who helped me raise the money to record this album on Kickstarter.  You guys are amazing and I love you so much!  XoXo  ~ Amber Lynn